01 Feb 2021 | Lab Members

Welcome Jiewei

Jiewei Jiang PhD joins the lab as a postdoctoral research fellow. Welcome Jiewei!

10 Dec 2020 | Resource

Proteomics webportal

Check out the exciting Fischer lab proteomics web portal at where you can browse, search and analyze the data from degradable kinome resource paper.

14 Dec 2020 | Seminars

Target 2035

Fleur gives a talk titled 'Mapping the Degradable Kinome Provides a Resource for Expedited Degrader Development' in the Target 2035 webinar series. Thank you for the invitation!

18 Sept 2020 | Recruiting

Join our team!

We are hiring! Learn more here.

18 Sept 2020 | Seminars

Discovery on Target

Fleur gives a talk on 'Chemoproteomic approaches to interrogate the degradable kinome' at Discovery on Target. Thank you for the invitation!

11 Aug 2020 | Department News

New Faculty

Fleur Ferguson, Ph.D will join UC San Diego as an Assistant Professor in January 2021. Read more on her Faculty page here.

11 Sept 2020 | Seminars

IDG Reachout Symposia

Fleur gives a talk on 'Chemoproteomic approaches to accelerate kinase degrader development' as part of the Illuminating The Druggable Genome Consortium Reachout Symposia at UNC Chapel Hill. Thank you for the invitation!